Monday, October 3, 2011

Geen linux om trots op te zijn

Apartheid 1.0 LXDE i686.iso (release!)

Built on PCLinuxOS LXDE edition, Apartheid comes with Tor enabled and working out of the box, allowing you to surf the web anonymously and much safer than using a regular proxy. In addition to full multimedia support and custom artwork, it uses the lightweight LXDE desktop environment. This makes it fast and well suited as a livecd OS for those who want to get speed out of their computers while preserving ease of use and keeping oppressive governments at bay.

Being based on PCLinuxOS, Apartheid is a rolling release. This means the OS is always changing and you will always get the latest applications without having to reinstall.

Md5sum: 8bb3ba5d6dbbc0f415ab59c1ad89c8a3 apartheid.iso
De torrent werd verwijderd van Linuxtracker. Op woofiles is de directe download verdwenen.

Op de piratebay daarentegen lijkt de torrent nog actief

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